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Over 50 years ago, Concern Housing made a commitment to advocate for those individuals whose voices were not heard.  We continue to work together to promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for every American.  In order to more effectively confront our own biases and further our commitment to social change, we have formed the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee made up of a diverse group of staff members from every level of the organization. Its mission is to promote an organizational culture that embraces individuality through policies and practices of equality, inclusion, diversity and accessibility for all.

The core principle of the DEI Committee is to foster an agency culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion.  It is their goal to ensure that no staff member, board member or individual served feels marginalized or set aside due to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or any other diverse criterion.  They will advocate for policies and practices that promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. The Committee’s key values are:

  • Equity in Concern’s housing, services and in the workplace, including equal access and opportunities for all;
  • Diversity among staff which is reflective of the individuals the organization serves;
  • Sharing experience, differences and embracing individuality in a positive, healthy and safe environment;
  • Fostering diversity in career opportunity and growth at all levels of the agency.

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