Launch of Concern Housing and Conifer Realty’s “Bridge the Gap” Initiative Provides 380 New Laptops to Village of Hempstead Students

Remote Learning has Highlighted an Inequity in Access to Technology

HEMPSTEAD, NY (January 24, 2022)—Concern Housing and Conifer Realty have partnered with the Village of Hempstead and several local non-profits to launch the Bridge the Gap initiative. This effort aims to correct the lack of access to technology many students in the Village experience—a reality exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic—by providing 380 new laptops to them and their families.

“Our organization firmly understands the inequities that exist within communities throughout our region and we have dedicated ourselves to creating opportunities that can level the playing field for many basic needs,” said Ralph Fasano, Executive Director of Concern Housing. “The distribution of these laptops through the Bridge the Gap initiative will help provide many students and families with access to technology, an issue that was exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud to continue supporting Long Island’s in-need communities and thank the Village of Hempstead Mayor Hobbs and Deputy Mayor Daniels for the chance to do so.”

“Conifer was excited to collaborate on the “Bridge the Gap” initiative with Mayor Hobbs, the Village of Hempstead and local non-profits,” said Sam Leone, Executive Vice President of Conifer Realty. “Donating computers is a necessity for the Village Youth to succeed in school. We are committed to investing and being a long-term partner in the Community.”

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the lack of technology and its consequences became much more glaring in disadvantaged communities as children had to rely on computers and remote learning to receive their education. While the school district has since provided many students with temporary-use computers, it is not a permanent solution and leaves a technology lapse in these households when school is not in session. The laptops are free of charge and, unlike temporary-use computers provided by the school, students will be able to keep these permanently.

“I am excited to partner with those willing to make investments in our community. Giving computers to youths helps to fill the technological gap in our community,” said Village of Hempstead Mayor Waylyn Hobbs Jr. “We would love to partner with other organizations willing to make an investment in the lives of our young people.”